Alleviate by Tamara Bennett

poetryalleviateIs it ok that I touch your heart?

I promise to handle it with care,

Massa it ever so gently

Carefully erasing every scar,

Is it okay that I heal your wounds?

So at the slightest touch you want flinch

But look deep into my eyes where I hide no disguise

And know that I hear yet I’m here for you

Is it okay that I can care so much?

While you disregard my hugs

With a simple shrug

Yet, I still long to be entrapped by your love

Is it okay to move at a steady pace?

I promise not to push you to hard

For I’m aware of the pain that troubles your soul

And the layers of scars that it holds

Is it okay I desire to lay my head on your chest?

While listening to a symphony within your breast

And learning your heartbeat

With every rhythmic breath

Is it okay I encourage you beyond repair?

So when you look at the man in the mirror

You want recognize the person that seems to glare

Is it okay to pull you in close to me?

Inviting you to sit down ever so precautiously

As I take off your shoes and socks

And clean, rub and kiss your feet

Is it okay to repeat history together?

Take a long look back and see what went wrong

But this time your finger print will be on every event

For now you’re able to recognize the character of men

Is it okay that I hold your hand?

Soft Hands, Strong Hands, Creative Gems

Oh! How they Glow

Indeed, you have the Midas touch

Every piece of me is branded with pure gold

Is it okay to desire a kiss?

Out of sheer utter bliss

I live for this

For your kiss takes control of my soul

Embraces my spirit and peels off the flesh of old

Your kiss grabs a hold of my spine

Shackling every disappointment….bruise….abuse…..and lie

Disintegrating them until they are no more

Now you’re the only one I adore

Is it okay to love you long….hard….true?

In every wind and wave through and through

Plus by no coincidence of reflection

You see me and I see you

Yes I am an ugly duckling but beauty is spurned within

Please allow it to be seen

For here I stand

Is it okay?

Tamara’s life has been a series of events. Life circumstances have taught her quite bit about men, women, finances, children and much more. Tamara went through depression for ten years, plus anxiety and stress in every last one of those emotion roller coasters. She suffered from PTSD as a result of childhood molestations from age 8-11 and a gang rape she was subjected to at the age of 13. By the age of fourteen and eighteen she was pregnant, both resulting in termination of pregnancy by abortion. She was married twice, four years with the first husband and fourteen years with the second. She also endured two miscarriages from her second marriage. Lastly, in March of 2013, Tamara had to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid gland.

Tamara is a mother of 4 beautiful children and the daughter of Johnny Lee Bennett and Christine Harris of Panama City, FL, and the descendant of African American, Bohemian and Indian Heritage. She understands what it means to grow up with a diverse culture and by being black and a woman. Tamara was a former model for Panama City Mall and The Members Only Club. She was a member of the 4-H Clubs, attended Girl Inc., dance choreographer, creative writing, singer, author, mentor, community activist, PTO and SAC member, (E.E.C.) Early Education and Care President and Policy Council member, and the Founder of Queens of S.H.E.B.A. (Simply Helping Eloquent Beauty Arise).


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