Art by Paige Talbott

The idea behind the pet portraits is to capture not only the beauty in animals, but also their personalities. Each animal is an individual and she treats them as such when drawing. I use colored pencils, acrylic and pens to create each piece. The whole process can take anywhere from six to fifteen hours to complete and is often done over a span of a few days. I pay special attention to the eyes in each drawing. I believe that the key to each personality can be found within the eyes. This led to my series on animal eyes and what environment that each creature views through their own eyes.

IMG_1983Paige’s talents manifested at a very early age, in Northern Nevada. She continued exploring various arts throughout high school and college and was greatly influenced by the open land and wild animals found in Nevada. Both her parents were very influential and supported her goals to become an artist. Since graduating with a BS in Art at the University of Nevada, Reno, Paige has been working as a free-lance artist, specializing in unique pet portraits, and also teaching monthly painting classes for beginners in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can view more of her art at as well as follow her on Facebook at: and on Instagram at:


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