The End

By Tara Naveaux

The clock has chimed
The vulture has come to claim
Ripping at my last pitifully precious moments

The body aches
Grinding gears until ultimately giving up
The mind wanders
Passing white washed walls of the ever forgotten soul

Did I enjoy life? Am I fulfilled?
Smiles and support from forgotten family
Things in the darkness,
Whispering, waiting, watching.
Now I face the ultimate blackness of death.

Youth decays, dissolves, disintegrates.
My last thoughts?
Not family, not love, not life.
Merely, Deletion will be surprisingly charming.

unnamedTara Naveaux was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is currently an English Literature and Creative Writing student at USFSP, and will be graduating with her BA in May, 2016. She enjoys reading and writing horror and sci fi, going on hikes throughout Florida, and playing with her two wonderful cats. This is her first time being published.


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