Photography by Joseph O’Neill

When you say the words BLACK AND WHITE, you assume that’s all you’ll see, but in my photographs you see tones and shades of grays. These grays express and give my photographs their emotion and depth. They reach into your eyes, forcing you to look differently upon the world in which you live. Suddenly you notice objects and scenes that were before obscure, that your world is different every year, every season. My photography takes you into your familiar world and makes you realize that you were never really seeing your surroundings.

I don’t make things beautiful; I simply don’t accept the limited view of the first look. When I take a photograph, I never know what I will find. But if I’m quiet; if I’m patient; if I let the subject do the talking; I nearly always discover something – a story that wants to be told. My photographs give voice to the unheard; give grace to the unseen night and day.

My photography illuminates sites and scenes that the normal vision easily overlooks. It captures the aesthetics of a modern romantic, and mirrors the energy of city life. Urban and industrial in tone, I begin with an ordinary building, giving the viewer almost an intimate view of a scene or of the environment. Rather than offering a wider view of an entire edifice, my sharp lens synthesizes every detail, offering a dance of reflection, light, and shadow. It demands that the viewer go outside and see their surroundings with better eyes.

My vision shines the spotlight on often overlooked urban buildings and showcases details of these edifices.  With a sense of drama, my photography’s powerful oeuvre offers the sites and scenes of the world, dramatically highlighted in sharp black and white architectural forms with clean and sharp visions. Employing dark and light contrasts, I bring dynamic movement and a sense of shifting light as I offer each locale a life of its own, offering a close, almost confrontational range. My oeuvre vividly envelopes the senses, inviting the viewer to re-think the images of the world, encouraging them to enter this environment and experience the view.

My photographs revolve around New York City. New York is my muse. It captured my soul as a child and has never let it go. As an artist, I breathe in context and exhale image. My photography exists in and because of distinct times and places. For long periods in my creative life, New York City has been my subject.

My work has always started with place. The place, the moment and the light have determined what I shoot. Recently, I’ve become involved with the stories that linger, even in seemingly empty spaces. I’m interested in the places that define city life and in the events that make them. I start with stories and use my camera to find visual echoes of them in the places where they happened. Everywhere I look in New York I find them. Whether it be a building, person, ornamentation, statue, or bridge. At different times of day or night, time of year, the city has a different look and feel. New York nourishes my creativity  and in return I want to share with the world what I love about it.

We train ourselves to tune out the everyday sensory overload; barely seeing what is right in front of us. Are you ready to see your familiar world differently?

IMG_6069Joseph’s journey started with his grandmother, also an artist, who constantly encouraged him to be creative and explore the artist within himself. He soon discovered the photographer Eugene Adget and his unique way of capturing the simplicities of everyday life. Although he has no formal art education in the art world, he attended the Johnson and Wales University for Culinary Arts, and suspects the care and attention he learned to pay to food helped shape his appreciation of the beauty of the ordinary, day-to-day life. Because he is a self-taught as a photographer, he’s never afraid to explore, question and educate himself to become more nuanced in capturing what he would like to share to the world.

He have had the great fortune to not only participate in numerous photo expositions, but to have placed in a handful of them.  The most recent result is hid invitation to show his work in group shows at galleries throughout the world.


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