Poetry by Todd Randolph

Apart Too Long

Ever present a constant forward movement.
Unstoppable, unpredictable, relentless, Time.

A friend to all, but an enemy of the heart.
Apart from one’s love time transforms.

It cannot be swayed, no way to hasten.
Endless the days, longer the nights.

An ache, a need to touch, longings unrequited.
Desires held at bay, passion’s fires lie smoldering.

Waiting for the wind, the gentle brush of breath.
Ignited once again upon connection; glorious.

United, two molded bodies celebrate dreams of time.
Consuming the moments, basking in pleasures


Ghost of Fire

He is in her mind today, thoughts of love so dear,
Her body aches with the need for sweet abandonment.

His hands everywhere, exploring skin,
Caressing her soul, tantalized by the tiniest details.

Images fill her head, a dazzling dance of wonders whirling in her mind.
To be cradled in his arms, with tenderness unbound.

His fingers trapped in fragrant locks.
He moves, rocking her gently or thrashing as a storm tossed sea.

Her heart cries out like a wild thing lost in a cold winter wood.
It yearns for him, her emptiness longs for him.

Needing to lose herself, forget herself and become one with him;
Forged together in passion’s heat he haunts her body like a ghost of fire.


The Heart Speaks

She forms to him in slumber,
As the rhythm of their hearts converge.
Delicate her breaths, faint as whispers.
Slowing in harmony tranquility envelopes him.
An all-embracing calm flows through his soul,
Beyond comfort, beyond serenity.
He is at peace.

From a simple touch, connections cascade within,
Impulses of joy emerge, beguiled is he.
He tries to speak, words fail, inaudible his thoughts.
Written expressions incapable of conveying the message of his heart.
Word choices too few, all lack the intensity of his emotions.
What can speak for his heart, illuminate his dreams?
He is in need.

How then, how will she know?
Perhaps a gesture can tell the tale.
Framed within his fingers, her face held lovingly.
In vain, his gaze tries to convey desires.
His lips seek hers, a union so tender her heart awakens.
Promises of love everlasting in one gentle kiss.
He has spoken.

Baby family 063

Todd has a fascination with words and stories.  His poetry comes to him in quick bursts, inspired by everything around him. He loves to rhyme, or write in a prose when the mood strikes. He is hopeful his poetry tells a story or strikes a chord within the reader.


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