Poetry by Todd Randolph

Anam Cara

Ancient writings tell the tales of legends and love
Runes of time forever hold the promise

With care each scribe carved with passion
Imprinted on the heart, the soul now captured

Tenacious the path, determined the purpose
On the verge of discoveries found in fables

Fired in the kilns of Merlin, transformed by artisans
Engraved with the light of a single moonbeam

The skin encircled containing the key
Meanings of mystic symbols told in dreams

Crisp in the morning air, from cliffs to heather fields
In the language of old, the call of longings floats between hearts

Embraced by the newness of reality, she rides the wind
Drawn to the call, serenity of spirit propels her journey

New legends to be formed, new history to be written
The campfires of the Clans quiet, as two begin a quest.


End of the World

At the bottom of the sea,
There lies a floor of gold.
Gods of ancient myth and lore
Drink ale with stories told,

Of conquests and adventure,
Each rival to be the best.
Angered by their tales of lust,
God of tricks insults the rest.

Here in Aegir’s Hall
No harm can come to be.
Sanctuary is this place
God Loki is set free.

Then came the celebration,
Of God Balder one great night
Loki steered the hand of Hod,
That deed killed truth and light

Having none to guide the gods,
A battle soon would rage.
Ragnarok has come to pass,
Events now set the stage.

Hiding in Yggdrasil,
World tree of all the land
One couple arose to populate,
Renewing the age of man

Baby family 063Todd has a fascination with words and stories.  His poetry comes to him in quick bursts, inspired by everything around him. He loves to rhyme, or write in a prose when the mood strikes. He is hopeful his poetry tells a story or strikes a chord within the reader.


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