Poetry by Adrian Hernandez

Ghost Dawg

Problems yet to be solved,
the power we once had,
suddenly gone.
A shot to the heart
takes you right back home.
As if you never left.
Certain unrest always
keeping you on your toes.
And the only one that knows..
Could it be a ghost?


Summer Solstice

If you could take some time
to reflect upon your broken life
all the lies that ate
the truth
on some drunken texas

Are you sure you can figure this out?
How do you remember things you forgot about?
Fall asleep inside the grass and hope that you’ll
wake up
it’s one-hundred degrees but
you just don’t give a fuck…

…about the worlds routine, and how this
could be happening,
but it’s not at all.
We’re just so glad for our arrival.

This was so easy it’s driving me insane.
I’m 1 tab away from completely frying my brain.
The odds are so odd but I’m sure that I’ve been had,
by whatever that was, you had in your hand.

Put the pills inside my mouth,
the whiskey takes them down.
such a selfish thought..

..i thought I was going to the top.

but as I go down, you are there to lift me up.
unlike the others that just don’t give a fuck.
Somethings are mean’t to remain mysterious.
Like how death can be weightless yet still seem
to carry us.

ageAdrian Hernandez, 25, was born and raised in New Braunfels, TX. He’s been writing since the age of 15. Mostly songs, but poetry here and there.


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