Art by Nicholas Heilig

These images were created live with musicians. Each illustration is 32×40″ calligraphy ink and micron pen on board.  “Sticky Fingers” and “East Meets West” were both completed in under two hours, each painted on stage with Twiddle.  “Cosmoose” was one of four paintings I made at The Frendly Gathering (VT, 2015) along side The Kitchen Dwellers.  My process generally starts with a sketch, but even with a clear idea of my final goal, the live element dictates I remain flexible on the final outcome.  Generally, when I have more than an hour long set to finish a piece I can explore more possibilities.  For weekend long occasions, I often ink with no planned sketch, letting the music guide the composition and subject matter.

Nicholas Heilig is a Native Vermont artist and Denver based performance painter.  He started his live painting career in 2009 and has been a full time artist ever since.  He has completed three successful summer tours consisting of over 60 performances total, and plans to embark on his 4th tour this season.  Heilig works on stage as the official painter for Twiddle, the Kitchen Dwellers, and the Gang of Thieves.  His fluid line and bold, high contrast style lends itself particularly well to performance painting, and Heilig often completes works in under 2 hours.

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