The Crash

By Madison Howard

the crash: part i

we were talking as usual
and you were agreeing with me, for once.
the more I looked at you
as you watched the road
the more I wanted
to hold your hand.
you reached out for me
as we came to a halt abruptly but safely
and I should have interlocked
my fingers in yours.

the crash: part ii

you became confused
as you forgot how
to deal with others’ mistakes
and I gave implicit instructions.
I was going to let you handle
the situation on your own
but I thought you might need me.
the girl was nice
as you exchanged numbers
(professional reasons)
and I couldn’t help but think
that maybe you’d liked her beauty.

the crash: part iii

as I sat back in the car
you were still frantically thinking
‘just shaken up’
they call it.
your papers stuck out
of the glove compartment
so I quietly opened the space
and lovingly tried
to put things back in order.
this time I wanted
to lay my head on your shoulder
telling you it was okay.
we drove again
and agreed with one another
and joked about
a near-death experience.
I had a headache
but I’d never tell you.
I just wanted you
to feel okay
after the crash.

madisonMad Howard is a sophomore English major attending Northern Arizona University. She enjoys her literary studies along with singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. This is her first time being published in a literary magazine. You can find more of her writing at You can find her music at


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