Urban Exploration

Photography by Alicia Beth

I can’t exactly remember when I first discovered my love for urban exploration. I do know that it started quickly and probably will not cease anytime soon- or at least until they let me into Chernobyl. I love the texture, the decay and the history of old, abandoned places left behind. They leave a story. There is a lot of beauty left in those old, broken down buildings that most people deem eye sores.

My personal adventure is pulling over on the side of the road, taking a hike, and discovering what has been forgotten behind those old walls. What memories still linger there?

Urban exploration has become a huge interest for many people. People love to explore the insides of abandoned buildings through Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms. I want to make sure people can keep viewing places like the ones in my pictures. I’ll keep getting dirty, so people can keep scrolling. #urbanex

Self_PortraitAlicia Beth is a native to Fredericksburg, Virginia. This past summer, she graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with an A.S. in Digital Photography. Her personal strengths are found in nature and portraiture, but her passion is urban exploration and historic preservation.

She found a particular interest in photography when she was a teenager. She and her friend Laura would take a handful of disposable cameras and go downtown and take “artsy” photographs. They’d take them to the local pharmacy and wait for them to be developed. Today, she’s shooting with DSLR cameras and developing the pictures herself in a digital darkroom.

Check out Alicia’s online portfolio at AliciaBethCreative.com.


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