School Day

By Vincent Dodd

Confusion seems to be the only reason to
consume these men’s thought
No pause for season only seeing what
they can’t wit and snip and nit pick with
like blood to sand from a wounded lamb all
these boys are so messed over it’s a
marvel they even press on BUT YES they
can and will because they are lit to their
purpose but I will see it struck down cuz
I’m no clown to the jest and that’s all I see
is jest no man will ever jade my shine I will
cling to my refinement and see my
sunshine light the path of all who follow
because yes that’s my purpose and yes
I’m the one The Son of Brightness with my
tightness of lips and curt words I will be
heard and if not felt because these were
my dealt and I made it into the royal flush
that ur confusion could only wish ever to
glimpse like I said it takes a unique mind
to match my brevity o hail my honor and
pass my life any who dishonor my thought

image1Vincent is a 24 year old male from Columbus ,OH. He is currently pursuing a career as an EMT. He loves to write and compose stories, poems, & music. He’s an outdoorsy type and loves to be out in nature.

Thanks for reading!


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