Curio Forest

Visual development for gaming by Linh Dao


These images are from the same series called “Curio Forest”, which is an educational video game for millennials parents to learn about prioritizing time with their child over material goods. The Image 1 is from a game staging that I am working on, where the player get lost in a the vast empty aisles of the toy store. Images 2-4 are from the following level, in which the player stumbles upon a wasted land of returned toys and empty boxes.

There is no better words to describe the look and feel of this game other than it was made by a starry eyed kid. It has a strange atmosphere to it and a surrealist color palette.

This game is inspired by the intricacies of the business of selling to children in the context of the toy store. The toys themselves raise are a number of questions regarding consumption and the prevalence of consumer culture. The more important issue is the ways in which consumption affects the relationship between parents and children.

The challenge is to subtly convey a number of important themes such as class and gender inequalities while maintaining a friendly look and feel throughout the game. The target audiences within the market is for casual gamer that enjoys exploring unique storytelling and the leisure of finishing a game in one setting.

Linh Dao is a graduate teaching assistant in Visual Communications at the University of Texas at Arlington. She got her undergraduate degree at Truman State University in Northeast Missouri. Her work experiences include working as a typesetter for a corporation in Saint Louis and then toy designer for a children company in Boston. She came back to school to concentrate on designing for human experience and educational immersive environment.

Her website could be found here at


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