This Angel of Mine

By Connor Redman

This angel of mine,
This beauty i see,

This girl holds a small piece of me.

Her eyes like the stars,
Her arms covered red,

Her smile as beautiful as the moon.

Today i found,
The angel i seek,
She is that lonely girl before me.

49589427Connor Redman, a major gamer, and has loved writing since 6th grade. He also does photography, testing new shots, and loves taking environment shots.  Most of the inspiration from his writing comes from the girls he’s dated, though now he tries not to focus on it too much. He love to read, and the inspiration for the novel he’s been writing for 5 years are authors like Rick Riordan, Sherriyn Kenyon, and Richard Paul Evans. He currently streams on twitch, making creative gaming content and entertainment. His dream is to have some of his work appreciated by someone, and to become a high school counselor. “I want to help growing youths like mine did for me.”


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