The American Riviera

It’s easy to overlook the history and culture of the town where you grow up when your background in local history mostly includes fourth grade field trips. But when you’re lucky enough to grow up somewhere as beautiful as Santa Barbara, California, you have to take a moment to appreciate its splendor

Though settled originally by the Chumash Native Americans, Santa Barbara has a rich Spanish history influencing its architecture, culture, and festivals, celebrated annually in the Fiesta celebration in the beginning of August.There’s flamenco dancing at the Santa Barbara Mission (known as the Queen of the Missions), confetti eggs, and vibrant colors everywhere you look.

Santa Barbara isn’t very big, or very important politically or socially. And for most people it’s probably just the location of the TV show Psych (which was filmed in Canada, BTW). But to me Santa Barbara will always be a small paradise in between the mountains and the sea.

IMG_1221Clare Moore is a quadruplet, princess, amateur dragon slayer, Sindarin translator, and wannabe cellist. Though she grew up in sunny California, she left part of her heart on the East Coast, and a little part in Europe as well. But she left her soul in Middle Earth.



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