Poetry by Kayleigh DiLorenzo

Vanity Fair and Polaroids

Mornings spent with magazines
A menagerie of mayhem
A collection of chaos
That somehow starts to blend together
I prefer sweet and simple
Maybe I won’t catch your eye
At first
But in the sea of cacophony
I’ll be what you’re desperately clinging to
Familiarity is reality
Yet you dream of me anyway.


I’ve never been to war
But I don’t doubt I could win;
The only strategy I’d need
is the one of you
And the way the thoughts and memories
Constantly invade anything I do
Until I have no choice but to surrender to the siege
And fall to the conquest
Brought about by your name
And all that you are.

Coming Home

I can’t wait
to come out the doors
and into your car
where it all began
as we begin again
my chest is swollen
with the beat of my heart
while I find your eyes
and your hand
and I won’t release either
So off we go
and I’ll help you shift
It all feels so foreign
But so familiar too
Like a strike to the senses
That conjures up a memory
That you can’t quite place
Keep your hand on my knee
So I don’t accidentally drift
Into space
I’m not sure this is real
It’s too good to be true,
Patience, even forced, pays well.


I pulled them out and set them down
and despite them, built my house on solid ground
because who you are is how you fight
and what you want and believe is right
what you fear shows where the blow should land
a target for your fisted hand
let them take the place of down and out,
leave you tall and free of doubt
to know where you are, know where you’ve been
don’t live in the past but remember the when
turn it all to stone
and set down a path
that leads you right to home.

1433262869491Kayleigh DiLorenzo is a self named poet with an affinity for handwriting and the great outdoors. She went to school for Pyschology, became a mother and rekindled a passion for composition notebooks and black pens while starting a whole new adventure. She believes in the power of detail and used to aspire to head librarian, but got lost in the words along the way.


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