Art by Todd Moore

The black and white images are ball point pen, and the colored ones are oil paintings. I wish I could say there was a method to the madness, but when I start I generally have a rough idea of what I want, a color or a feeling, and then I just start putting it on the canvas an cross my eyes and see what starts to appear to me and then work from there.

Todd Moore is a hillbilly from the north woods of Wisconsin. With a bachelors degree in media arts and animation, he prestigiously works at a gas station, struggling to survive as well as pay off his massive student loan debt. Art is an escape for Todd, though a frustrating one at that considering he’d rather live in his paintings than simply be painting them, but he takes what he can get. Soft spoken and quiet, Todd does not like talking about himself so if he were to write a biography I’m sure it would be a short one.



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