Fine Art Nature Photography

By Haley Gallagher

These photographs show my fine art nature photography work. I noticed that most people think fine art photography is just photographs of people in unrealistic situations. Fine art photography is much more than that, it’s anything that makes you think twice about an image and let’s your imagination flow. My inspiration throughout my photography journey has always been Brooke Shaden. Her fine art work and the descriptions she includes with it have encouraged me to never give up on my dreams and to keep creating what I love.

10382026_10152943294827533_7993568537152601910_oHaley Marie Gallagher is a professional fine art photographer based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has two certificates in professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography. She is also currently working on a degree in Graphic Design through Ashworth College. She’s in the process of writing and photographing for a regional Iowa book that is being published by Schiffer Publishing.

Follow Haley:

Instagram @haleymariehales


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