Art by Michael Baca

My work is conceptual, at least in nature; to me that certainly feels to be correct anyway. It makes an attempt; obscuring reality for the sake of experience. What do we, as humans, possess completely if not our personal experiences?

My work is simply an attempt to make sense of life’s experiences, often by means of explaining the obscure by means of the more obscure, or obscurum via obscures. I often explore language by interpreting the definitions of words as imagery. Words have various meanings depending on their context and personal experience. However, Language by its various definitions can only graze the surface of a vast complexity of emotions and feelings that an individual may take away from daily participation in life.

My inspiration starts with a feeling, and it’s that feeling that I work towards. The experience is mostly intuitive, I just know what it needs until it ‘feels’ completed. I work from the past, since that is where experiences lie; as an effect, most of my work is vintage and grungy.

Some of my work is based on personal experience, others are based on my part in an experience, often through the looking glass. One thing is constant, and that is that I am relentless with my work. I chase it down like it’s made of oxygen and I cannot breathe.

MichaelBacaMichael Baca is a local Colorado artist who works in both digital and mixed media. He refers to his work as “off brand”, where the idea is the manipulation of life’s experiences from an introverted position. As an introverted person, Michael views the world from an altered state and makes an attempt at portraying an alternate and often less convenient participation.

Michael is inspired by life; not only through his own experiences, but through a variance of experiences from other people, a mass of never ending feelings and, of course, music. If Michael is awake, there is music playing.

Michael is a Pagan Buddhist with a twist of lime. He believes that he knows absolutely nothing and every day he tries to remind himself that it’s all a part of the experience.


One thought on “Art by Michael Baca

  1. Beautiful work, Michael Baca! It is great to see you expanding your wings but I definitely miss having you around…….keep inspiring those you encounter.


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