Poetry by Megan Silverstein

A Story about a Woman in Love 

off colored stories 
told in the right shades 
can lead to colorful fucking 

a slow exorcism of 
my heart, you take me over 

you have the most 
beautiful mind, I’ve met 

to date, left speechless 
a wide mouthed actor at the door 

after a surprise word 
revealed in dialogue 

right away, I knew 
I was in love 
meaning I was fucked 
     and lo and behold 
          I was
Salvador Dali

An orchestra blaming broken instruments,
they cry while angry musicians shout

to the rows of audience placed on chairs listening,
miniature heads of little girls grow out of potted plants

green veins emerging through eyes, leaves unfolding as tongues
the conductor turns to look at them

and leans in and whispers into my ear,
a joke I may have heard before

don’t trust atoms, they make up everything

I couldn’t help but think; this time full of meaning
teasing existence, a joke more true than

the forms of his paintings (the conductor’s) which
by now were around me, I can feel myself transforming

into these orchid shaped morning glories
acting as sails for a colossal ship, trumpeting their beauty

alerting ahead what is to come, he says,

tilt your face to me, I am your sun now

Stargazing Fish: A Sonnet

Stargazing fish
under layers of sand
take moments to peek up
and see where hummingbirds
are friends with sea dragons
dancing, fluttering frantically
to the tune of
a slow classical violin
switching partners
with pure ease
thousands of juvenile fish
make for quick chores
so they can afford
to dance under constellations all night

FullSizeRenderMegan graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the spring of 2014 and currently lives in Ithaca NY. She plays the violin and electric bass in her free time and enjoys hiking, swimming and many other outdoor activities. These poems are from a musician, writer and explorer focusing life on wisdom, love and the aesthetics of the world.


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