Why I am Looking at You Like That

By Hanna Joelle

I am really happy to be here with you,
     but it is hard to maintain good posture
          when my thoughts are screaming at me.
They want to know
     how your thoughts
          speak to you–
If the words unravel
     in cursive
          or italics
               or pictures.
If wide awake,
     projections of my face flicker
          against bare gallery walls
               in favorable parts of your mind.
And should it be,
     that my thoughts cry out and seep
          through the fractures of my eyelids,
          and I am here with you–
               If it would happen now–
Where would they fall
     without a ground?
          Without your walls?

FullSizeRenderHanna Joelle is a 22-year-old professional living in New York City. Hanna’s unwavering hunger for adventure has allowed her to travel the world and seek inspiration for her art and poetry. It was after settling in the Big Apple when Hanna discovered her blossoming passion for writing. Most of her work has not been submitted for publication, but after the encouragement of her mother and best friend she plans to change that.


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