Grain of Sand

By Michael Waite

The grain of sand sits on the beach,
the oyster shell seems out of reach,
a gust of wind is all it needs,
to start a process come and see,
a slow commotion starts to brew,
a gust of wind is coming through,
it sweeps across the soft terrain,
and picks up the hopeful little grain,
it places it inside the shell,
a process starts, it starts to swell,
and time she starts her ticking clock,
the grain of sand was once a rock,
and now its edges start to curl,
with time the sand becomes a pearl.

Michael Waite was born November 22nd, 1973 in Northridge, California. As a child, he aspired to write with a deep passion for the human experience. He has set down on paper several pieces of prose ,anything from the short story to a novel to the archaic poem. Anything that can bring humanity a peace of heaven and a basket of hope is more than agreeable to him. He was educated at San Diego Community College and has a degree in Legal Studies. His inspirations for writing are Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, and Edgar Allan Poe. He currently resides in Austin, Texas and is pursuing another degree in Counseling.


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