Poetry by Amy Sasser


Broken, beaten, bloodied, bruised
Memories abuse with tortures of you
Shattered, shaken, soul-suffused
Apparitions haunting all I do

Trapped, tormented, tattered, true
Seeking answers within the miscues
Drifting, drowning, dream-diffused
Cries subsumed in this raging deluge

Aching, angry, anguished, too
Always fleeing from the ghost of you
Restless, rattled, right-removed
Worthless, lonely without holding you


I’m starving.
Wasting away
inch by precious inch,

The commonly used verbs
are not enough—
long for.
They do not cover
the depth at which you swim,
tugging at my soul.

I am already drowning;
pull me further under.
Oblivion would be a
welcome change,
a chance to revel in
the fantasy of you
rather than the constant
self-talk and series of

If I die while I dream,
am I in that world forever?

Amy L. Sasser is a haberdasher’s dream!  Her hat rack includes wife, mother of five, Adjunct Professor of English, High School English Teacher, blogger, webmaster, secretary, counselor, coordinator, and perhaps most importantly to this esteemed group, poetess.  Sasser began writing in junior high school, and hasn’t stopped since, earning publications with Weasel Press, Citizens for Decent Literature, the Literary Underground, and Word Riot, as well as penning a Master’s Thesis on the craft of poetry.  Sasser’s visceral work will grab you and hold on tight, taking you on a journey with unexpected and gut-wrenching twists and turns.  Find your own copies of some of her publications on Amazon, or see her website at amysasser.com.


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