Salem Harbor

By Peter Baugh

On solitary shores I stand,
Lost deep in dreams of Neverland,
And watch the daylight fading and
The boats huddled together.

The moon arises and each star,
Set iridescent off afar,
Cuts heaven open like a scar,
And shivers at the weather.

The wind caressing my brown locks,
The salty waves that wash the rocks,
Recall our aimless, lover walks
Along this vacant shore.

But spectre-like the clouds drift in,
The raindrops fall, and I begin
To walk away, away again,
Away, just like before.

Peter grew up on Massachusetts’ north shore, in the shadow of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s literary legacy.  He took a serious interest in reading and writing poetry in the mid-1990s, and had already published several poems when he graduated high school.  He currently resides in Indiana with his amazing wife, Monica, and his three cats, Bruce, Selina and Bane.


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