Art by Cynthia Dimaria

4 by Cynthia Dimaria
I call myself an environmentalist artist. The reason is because most of my artwork is made from recyclable materials. I use whatever materials I can get my hands on, from discarded house paint, canvases, even clear coat. I live in Palm Springs, California and I don’t know many people here. All I do is paint, its something that is in my DNA. Painting is a force in my being that has to be expressed. I feel a vibration through my body when I paint. When I am in my creative zone, I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop. It makes me feel free.

I was a victim of domestic violence, but I am no longer that victim. I’m a survivor. I guess I’m catching up for lost time. My painting is about someone wanting to get in with the successful crowd. The subject that stands alone is pondering on what to do, how to do it, and where to start. The loner is awkward and nervous, the others are accomplished, relaxed, and carefree. I wanted to convey these emotions and feelings on these faceless entities. I painted this with acrylics and chalk. I also used a clear coat so my colors would pop.

lCA01V6X0I was a make up artist for ten years. ​I shot with the top agency’s and photographers. I started painting and dabbling in photography, and have had numerous shows in NYC, Atlanta, New Orleans, and L.A. This is my new work. I hate bios or what I did in the past. Caravaggio and Banksy are my favorite artists. The painting with the 4 faceless people its called 4. I would like to have a show soon.


4 thoughts on “Art by Cynthia Dimaria

  1. Great work Cynthia! You definitely have a style all your own and your use of color is fearless.Your colors might come across as almost reckless, but they never appear careless. I would say they sutures your forms with gritty street life and exposure–ala Basquiat. I think you are definitely ready for a show!


  2. Cynthia was my stellar makeup artist and nobody could come close to her level of talent. She is the proverbial one person band and an original in every conceivable way imaginable. My love and respect for her is infinite. Glad you are out there dear friend happy and productive. Guy di Fabriti-Shaw


  3. Guy thank you I just saw this how sweet are you. Your work is untouchable! It has been a honor to know and work with you. You taught me everything I know about the arts. I was a sponge for your knowledge. You schooled me on the importance on negative space,lighting and simplicity.I Thank you for this.I love you.


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