Photography by Brook Vericker

My process is to look for extremely unusual images, but once found I try to rely more on the emotion from the location. Photography is a 2D art form and that’s hard to get away from. But once there is it colder than you like? Is the wind more aggressive? What energy is there, are there any ghosts from the old factory or mine? Is your stomach a mess from that giant coffee and no breakfast?

All of these things are a code, the composer’s melody. My job is to hear as many as I can then find a great way to stuff it all in the camera. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

IMG_1871Brook has been a hobbyist photographer for 46 years. Life has kept him busy and away from sales and shows. Born In Los Angeles, CA, he has worked as a commercial printer and as a machinist and welder. He is a 50 motorcyclist and a bike is literally a second skin for him. He still rideS a skateboard and and is a surprisingly strong performance level dancer at the rave scene. Yes, he’s older at 63 now, but aging is all in your head.


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