Photography by Richard Garza

A visual expression with any given light source is the way I want people to embrace my fine art photography.

When it comes to my art, I never apologize for brush strokes gone a stray. I welcome the marbling as the completion of the finished piece.

GarzaRick Garza is a Navy Veteran that serviced two tours in Vietnam aboard the USS Kitty Hawk CVA 63, a reputable Aircraft Carrier.

As a child, he recalls placing first in most art events. Place a piece of paper in front of him and his hand would be as one with my tools of the trade. He had two years of art training, but hasn’t worked in the field for the past thirty years, his profession devoted to the oil and gas industry. Ten years ago, he picked up his first Nikon D50 camera. He taught himself with no classroom training, and found himself trying new things and pushing the limits. He’s made many mistakes and after many trials and errors, decided to let go and enjoy whatever came from the camera. It is at that point; the light became his companion in giving him the type of photo he is proud to display to this day.

His one vision at sixty-six years of age is to spend the last phase of his life in hopes of understanding that the joy of photography and art is not ours to keep. We are here only to leave behind that one photo or painting that will become our legacy as artists and photographers.


3 thoughts on “Photography by Richard Garza

  1. Richard, a breathtaking display of photography art. In my early life I visited many lighthouses and their beauty is described in your work. Thank you for your service.


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