By Linda Bowden

I’m made of patches,
Of different shades,
And sizes of material,
Triangles and squares,
     I’m so complicated,
          Each detail,
Flowered and patched.
               I’m a blanket,
Of Years and experience,
Of patches of this time and others,
   Woven together one by one.
      I’m a quilt of most beautiful,
         Delicate patters and such,
            Of stitching neatly in rows,
               Of lace lined patches.

Linda Bowden, lives in the high desert of California. She has been involved in writing, most of her adult life and enjoys writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, articles and just about any subject that motivates her at the time. Linda has belonged to the California Writer’s Association, has published in anthems for this organization and has worked with other writers through the process. Linda holds an MBA and is currently studying for her doctorate, and although she is semi-retired Linda has more time to invest into writing. She has been involved with poetry theatres, workshops and once was the proprietor of her own poetry venue in Hollywood, California. Linda has two daughters, nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She values writers, painters, crafters, bloggers and all those who enjoy what they do in life, non-criminal of course. Creating is both exhilarating and rewarding, even if it is only for you.


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