Refining Movement

By Liz Comer

My collection of work is a visual study of communication through movement, the essence of harmony in communication as defined by the equestrian, and the significance of practice in facilitating this communication. As a developing artist and equestrian, I am interested in communication beyond the realm of the written or spoken word. To “speak” without use of words, like any language, takes a great deal of practice. Malcome Gladwell, author of Outliers: The Story of Success, wrote that the key to success in mastering any given undertaking is to exercise the task for 10,000 hours. Using ballet dancers and sport horses painted in white medium on black surface, I convey the intricacies of practice necessary to achieve said level of communication where harmony is the ultimate goal. My techniques and decisions in the studio have been derived directly from concepts in the dressage arena. It is a study of the processes of practice to performance; a study of discipline. Each individual work was therefore in a sense performed at a scheduled time proceeding a long period of practice. There is a paralleling conversation between my pieces of the refinement of discipline paired with the splendor of freewill. Is it worth it to spend 10,000 hours of our lives to master a single discipline? Is it always our own freewill that drives us?

I am an aspiring artist from the inland northwest. I recently received my BFA and have been ruthlessly tossed out into the real world with wide eyes, big ideas, a new understanding of rejection, and a taste for persistence. When I’m not painting, I work part time as a painting instructor, part time as a wedding designer, and part time as a makeup artist. I’m starting my path. I’m playing. I’m living. I’m terrified. And I’m loving it. I have amazing friends, a fantastic supportive family, and a lot of love that aids in the attempt to keep my life in order.

My most recent work reflects my passion for equestrian sports: I have been riding since I was very young, it is truly a passion, but since I was little I have been fascinated by ballet as well. I have come to the understanding that these themes are connected through their physicality; I have an obsession with communication beyond the written and spoken word. What a surprise that I became a painter eh? Feel free to check out more of my work at, or on my instagram @lcstudio107. Please email me with any questions or comments at


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