Celestial Bodies

By Abbey Robbins

we were two celestial bodies orbiting the unknown
I told you if you stay we could remap the entire night sky
you can claim anything you want if I can claim you as mine
I would re adjust the constellations to resemble your face
but you didn’t care much for poetry and your skin made of lace- and silk slipped through my fingers.
Containing you was like trying to contain the very things we have no name for like the smell of the earth after it’s been poring for a week
wet grass under bare feet does not begin to explain the sensation.
Like the sensation I had holding you praying it would never end
but who do I pray to when you yourself are a goddess worthy of all my praise?
And to say “the day you left you took a part of me” would be both cliché and untrue because you took something far better then anything I could ever produce.
You were art
you were ethereal
you were cosmic
You were my entire galaxy folded into one fleeting moment after another and eventually time ran out, and you were gone.

Abbey Robins is currently enrolled in high school in Wichita Ks, some of her other work can be found online at forgottenplanets/tumblr she spends most of her time studying astronomy and writing. She hopes to get a degree in astrophysics.


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