England, Black and White

The world is such a big place, and there is so much to see. If I traveled constantly the rest of my life, I still couldn’t see it all. But I feel like I have to try. I’m not even much of a photographer–it’s just a hobby. But when you’re traveling somewhere new you see so many incredible things. You have to try and capture some of them, so you can remember them forever. And there’s something classic about black and white photography.

All of these pictures were taken in England, during a spring break trip my senior year of college. It was my first time outside the United States (besides Mexico), and my first time in Europe. There’s a sense of history in Europe that America doesn’t have because, in comparison, we are so young. These buildings have stood for thousands of years. People have walked those streets for hundreds of years. There are castles, traditions, and beauty that a camera can only hope to capture.

10387669_814633468599324_6341508753084018916_nClare is one of the managing editors of Ampersand. Writing, photography, art, and reading are her hobbies, but working with writers and artists is her passion. She hopes to travel the world someday, one place at a time.

Instagram: @claremoore914
Tumblr: clarelouisemoore


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