Photography by Katie Sox

Looking over the San Francisco Bay, a bird lets me capture her ardent survey of the city. It’s just there. I don’t invent it. I preserve it. Nothing is contrived. I find myself at 7000 feet of elevation with a view of what seems to be the whole world. I don’t choose to capture the breathtaking landscape but instead am compelled by the beauty of something I see everyday. He climbed the mountain with me. He absorbs the view and in that second, everything is at peace. That’s the moment. I capture it. I manipulate some images while many I leave raw, just as they present themselves. Perfectly flawed. I do not create the work, I record life. That slice of time is just waiting for someone to acknowledge that it exists. I am that witness. Art is everywhere. Waiting for us to see it, capture it, and share it with people.

Admiring the mundane and unique, Katie Sox lives and plays in Bend, Oregon. A self taught artist, she practices photography in her daily experience and her adventures to the forest and city. With an eclectic interest in many mediums for art and life, she enjoys creative endeavors, riding bikes, collecting rocks, eating good food and working as a Massage Therapist.


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