3 Poems by Jonah Meyer

By Jonah Meyer

i have flown from my home

i have flown from my home
up into that carolina blue embrace which is the sky
past houses i have flown
past families in yards, past
automobiles quick on the way to somewhere else
past the factories, the outdoor picnics, the baseball games
heavy in extra innings

here i have grown, have spread two yellow wings
out over o.henry’s town, that tiny dragon-tongue below,
over the births and the deaths and the
songs being sung inside radios

i climb, i climb, the hot thick clouds
are silk-white blankets, rugs by
my fox-trotting feet,

and still i soar into
a universe dream-eyed and naked …

O! that the night is a staircase rising,
pure piano-forte,
and i — thrown by harsh desire — i am
all-too-happy to hear such symphonic orchestration first-hand

bending, climbing, stretching long pale arms
through such sky-dew, even the birds now
believe me


they gave him indigestion something
awful but he could not
get enough.

he had lost all reason and nothing nobody
could stand in
his way.

delicious! he would whistle,
rhyme & meter dripping
from his lips.

fantastic! he would bellow,
metaphors & similes stuck like
crunchy peanut butter to the roof
of his mouth.

all day he craved the lure of
the sweet words.
the affection, the affliction, the frankness contained therein.

sneaking the poems into bed at night, he’d
crunch & munch on stanzas,
lick & slurp the
beautifully broken

most meals were, out of necessity,
specially prepared by hired help:

love poems grated & sprinkled on wheaties.
hot roast beef & love poem hoagie submarines.
angel-hair pasta w/ love poems & sharp cheddar cheese.

what can i say?
he’s a hopeless romantic, his mother
told the news media,

his heart is as huge as texas.
maybe huger.

CHUCKLE, 2 a.m.

the brown hardwood floor is where it
always has

you at once came
crashing down

where you tore in two a
thousand beautiful flowers
splintered forth

the sounds you made upon
impact are little
poems, i’ve saved
them all and the
music tonight
makes me

i shall take your leftover broken bones to
the recycling dumpster, do my
part to
save the

Jonah Meyer is a Greensboro, NC-based freelance writer, poet, and public librarian who has been smitten with writing since he could first grasp a crayon. In addition to creative expression through the written word, Jonah’s other passions include playing guitar and piano, shooting street photography, and connecting children to poetry and a lifelong love of books and reading.

Jonah’s work has been published widely, including (most recently) in the Carolina Peacemaker and O.Henry magazine, among other publications. Father to a pretty terrific superhero-of-a-son (Jeremiah, age 11), Jonah firmly believes everybody has a story to tell.


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