Photography by Chase Vlaanderen

I simply photograph what I find to be the most overlooked details that stand out and seem extraordinary to me. I try to capture small pieces of a much larger picture, things you normally wouldn’t spend much time looking at. My goal is to find the beauty we overlook within the smaller parts of life. Something as simple as hundreds of small lights coming together to form a singe letter on a sign has so much symbolism of unity, ability, and power in numbers, as well as the ability to create anew when working together towards a common goal. This same concept is found within nature, such as the many different shades and hues of color found in something as everyday as a partly cloudy sky after a storm. We as humans need to slow down and take more in before trying to decipher exactly what the bigger picture is all about, because many times the most beautiful details are also the smallest ones. The piercing blue color of that woman’s eyes, the shapes that man’s cigarette smoke make and then slowly fade into nothing, the sharp rises and dives perceived when looking at the city-scape from certain angles. This things are what I like to capture and display the most.

Chase was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. The state itself is very sheltered but there is some definite big-city presence downtown, which is where he spent most of his time growing up. He has since left Utah and spends most of his time traveling to other big cities around the nation, most recently Portland and Seattle. In his spare time he likes to paint and draw, and he greatly enjoys listening to hip-hop and other rap-influenced music types. The big city is where he feels most at home and is what pushes his creative drive the most. The sounds of cars and people, the smells, the graffiti, the impoverished people, it all blends together into this beautiful disaster of human life, and that is what inspires Chase.

Instagram: @lost.artiphakts


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