The Voice of Existence

By Amanda Rose

Inside there’s something breaking,
Like the boughs of an old tree.
Inside there’s something shaking,
begging to be set free.
Like a fire surging through my veins,
Like an ocean sweeping through me.
The voice of existence bellows loud,
so loud it almost soothes me.

It tells me there is more to this,
It tells me to keep searching.
I know not what I’ll find,
What monsters may be lurking.
The path ahead is dark and shaded,
And I stand here naked without a sword.
But still I know I must keeping searching,
Because the fire drives me onward.

When I was born, the match was struck.
The fire burned inside my eyes,
A little babe with the Devil’s luck.
The voice of existence spoke her words,
And on this day my search began.
I knew I must not settle, never give up,
Not until I knew her plan.

As I grew from child to adult,
This search still burned inside me.
And although I know not what I search for,
The obsession to find it still drives me.
The voice of existence, the sound of fire.
Constantly ringing in my ears,
Urging me to keep climbing higher and higher.

Amanda Rose is an upcoming author located among the beautiful mountains of Utah. Her writing talents range from fictional and creative pieces to online marketing and business content. She also enjoys helping other writers through the editing and publishing process. Amanda has been writing professionally since 2013 and is available to take on new projects. You can view more samples of her work at or contact her at


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