Art by Michael Nikola

When I’m in the woods, at the beach, on the top of a mountain the only thing that makes sense to me is making art. I just want to enjoy nature and paint pictures. My subject matter is never limited, I find beauty in all things. Persistent in focusing on the big picture, I simplify what I see rather than lose myself in detail.

Castle Peak-2

Castle Peak – The best part about being a landscape painter is going out into the wilderness. This drawing came from a collection of sketches and photos I took while on a snowshoe backpacking trip on the Uinta mountain range in Utah during a blizzard in the early Spring.



Sunset Sketch-2Sunset Sketch – My favorite way to make art is quick and dirty. I love making gestural strokes of pastel without care, letting my instincts take over.  I also love that this sketch took less than a hour.





Thy's Mountain-2Thy’s Mountain – As a trained illustrator I’ve grown a custom to creating work under someone else’s vision or direction. This piece was commissioned with the desire to mimic the style of a “minisketch” series I’d been working on at the time, but without a limitation on size. I was pleasantly surprised with how much my style changed by quadrupling the size.

Salt Lake City artist born in 1987. Michael works predominantly in the medium of oil painting, but included in his process are sketches and drawings. Michael completed a BFA, emphasis in Illustration at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah in 2011. He has had solo shows in Orem at the Woodbury Art Museum, Utah Valley University’s Trustees Room, Urban Vintage as well as the Leonardo in Salt Lake. 



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