Tacit Knowledge

Compelling is the spell of tacit knowledge. Lush forests of pigment suggesting windows to unfamiliar yet inviting rifts and ranges, creating new orders within visual rhythms. Nature loves courage and perhaps novelty most of all. Rapping at the door, painting on sheets of treated plastic, addressing compositions in reverse which are eventually glued to wood as though they were large stickers. Drawing in charcoal or pen intuition informs the form and tempo, informs the line. Many gestural iterations give way to illustrated organisms in various stages of expiration in the series titled “Three Kinds of Death;” monochromatic tablets with gilded script chronicling the Physical Death. What of the Spiritual Death? The Death of the Name? In this world the medium may be a metaphor and aesthetic skins vary from valley to desert replete with dense vegetation.

Adam Azeris is a mixed media artist who was born in Wheaton, IL in 1982, and presently resides in southern California. He studied painting and drawing as an undergraduate at the University of Kentucky, where he received the Oxemann Award in 2005 for best graduating artist. Since graduating with a BFA, Adam has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States. He currently works with Spacewomb Gallery in New York City, NY.


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