Meet Ampersand Literary

Hello, world! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Ampersand Literary, an online review for the amateur artist. This is a place where artists of all kinds can share their work, learn from other artists, and hopefully grow in their own medium. We at Ampersand realize that the art and writing world can be not only intimidating, but difficult and frustrating for artists trying to “make it”. Either you’re stuck getting rejection letters from major publications or still publishing your work on your own personal blog, or usually both. We want to fill the void between the big guys and the blogs.

We accept art submissions of many kinds, primarily short stories, poetry, essays, articles and reviews, photography, and original art (traditional and digital). You can read about how to submit your work on our submissions page. Never published anything before? Doesn’t matter. Send us something! Published before? Send us something! We are here to be your first, second, fifth, twenty-seventh, and eighty-second publication credit.

But it’s not just a matter of getting those publications on your resume. Art is about ideas, and what good are ideas if they aren’t shared? We want to get your art out there and share it with the world. We want to provide art that gives people something to think about. In a sense, Ampersand is not just for the artists. It’s for everyone, at least anyone who likes to think. Our goal is to make people eager to check Ampersand to see what’s new because they’re excited to discover a new story, or painting, or poem.

While our focus is primarily on less well-known artists, we want to bring in the professionals to help the amateurs learn and grow. As artists, we are always learning, and we always have something to teach each other!


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